Huaren Capital Expands Foothold in Philippines, Focuses on Providing Opportunities for Future Investors
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MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Huaren Capital has further expanded by completing the construction of its new factory in the Philippines. The factory uses 10nm and 7nm miners which will be released at the end of September, the most advanced technologies from TSMC. These miners take advantage of cheap electricity to transform energy into calculating power. In return, they are rewarded bitcoins with a market price of $6,000.

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Jeff Wang, President of Huaren Capital and a global mining leader, feels well satisfied with the result. At the factory, tens of thousands of miners have been operating fully loaded since they were put into use recently. This mine is only one of the many mining centers owned by Jeff Wang and Huaren Capital.

headquarters located in the Philippines, Huaren Capital hopes to lead the way in the digital mining industry. Furthermore, Jeff Wang hopes that it will further heighten the already well-established reputation of Chinese engineers and entrepreneurs in global technology.  

As the most crucial technological innovation in this century, the blockchain industry has been closely associated with Chinese community since the very beginning. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the active investment and technological innovation of Chinese community that have given rise to the popularity of bitcoin and blockchain.

Jeff Wang: Believer and Promoter of Chinese Innovation in Blockchain and Digital Currency

Jeff Wang is now a global mining leader. The corporations he established have had multiple successful cases in starting blockchain businesses. He also owns a dozen mining pools with tens of thousands of miners. At a young age, he has gained both fame and wealth with blockchain, which is considered a successful example in the Chinese community.

 of contributing to the well-beingof the global Chinese community. His Chinese name, meaning "belief", demonstrates his belief and pursuit of Chinese power and culture. This is why he does not stop after gaining fame and wealth, but continues to explore the paths and strategies to benefit Chinese people all over the world with blockchain technologies.

the Philippineswhere blockchain technology is enormously supported and receives great attention. In this way, it can start a series of digital currency and investment businesses with the support from local government and policy. The core assets and business modes are embodied in the large mines of bitcoin and other digital currencies situated in China and Russia.

Jeff Wang believes that the rise of blockchain digital currency has created numerous highly profitable investment opportunities. Among these opportunities, mining industry is a project with the most stable returns and the most controllable risks. Mining pools are regarded as the cash machines in the blockchain world. As long as the scale is big enough, the strength is considerable, and the latest technology is applied to manufacturing miners, the mining pools will be stably and highly rewarded from mining operations.