Founded in April 2018 and headquartered in Manila, Huaren Capital is the first capital institution in the Philippines which originated from the local Chinese community and aimed to reach Chinese in southeast Asia and even all over the world. As the economy and the layered capital market in the Philippines develop rapidly, Huaren Capital has developed into the largest investment institution in the Philippine based on the Chinese community, thanks to the support of all sectors of society. It mainly focuses on industries such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things. Huaren Capital is appreciated and welcomed by domestic and overseas entrepreneurs for its professional investment attitudes and ideas, creativity and integrity, friendliness and openness, expertise and effectiveness. It is committed to developing to one of the most influential venture capital institutions in the Philippines.

It takes 3 to 7 years to quit the venture-capital market and the stock-and-bond market is with high risks and furious fluctuations. Under such circumstances, Huaren Capital has for the first time introduced a stable and profitable investment model in the Philippines: paying investors interests on a monthly basis and returning them the principal on a yearly basis. Such kind of investment approach makes Huaren Capital quickly stand out from other similar companies. In addition, Huaren Capital also has a variety of high-yield products at different term-length.

Huaren Capital is steadfast in becoming the bridge between investors and the funded companies and is also committed to exploring excellent projects to safeguard the interests of its shareholders. It aims to be the “incubator of entrepreneurs” which fully supports the development of outstanding entrepreneurs and projects. Huaren Capital has a professional investment team full of rich experience and distinctive characteristics. Through establishing the Chinese-Entrepreneurs Club, the Chinese-Investors Club, the Chinese Alliance of Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation, Huaren Capital has formed strategic partnership with many listed companies. Together they bring more profits to the invested companies through building a bridge between the experts and elites from all sectors of society: the government, the financial industry, banking and professional institutions. With the help of Huaren Capital, a large number of enterprises will grow into leaders in various industries in the Philippines which will further promote the development of emerging fields and industries. They will also bring economic and social benefits to local governments and Chinese communities.

Equipped with global perspectives, Huaren Capital is going to set up branches in economic centers in Europe or USA aside from the Manila headquarter.

As always, Huaren Capital will continuously value the spirit of professionalism, reputation and efficiency. It adopts an integrated operation system with five key elements: investment, financing, risk control, management and service. It also actively promotes the practice of specialization, channelization, branding and internationalization. Huaren Capital devotes itself to becoming an outstanding and long-lasting enterprise which is people-oriented, trustworthy, and respectful. It is the most reliable long-term partner of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and investors given that it strives to gain profits during the process of supporting invested companies and positively contributes to the development of Chinese people around the world.


Dedicated, Aspirant, Striving for excellence


Respect, Integrity, Modesty


Steady and pragmatic, Reciprocal, Harmonious